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  • Komaes KM190 Monocrystalline Solar Panels

    Manufactured by Komaes Solar to a very high
    standard, the photovoltaic solar panels are fully
    compliant with IEC61730 Class A IEC61215
    and ASNZS5033 standards.

    Electrical characteristics

    Max. Power as per STC: 190 Pmax(W)
    Power Tolerance: 3 %
    Max. Power Voltage: 36.96 Vm(V)
    Max. Power Current: 5.14 Im(A)
    Open Circuit Voltage: 44.15 Voc(V)
    Short Circuit Current: 5.5 Isc(A)
    Max. System Voltage: 1000 VDC
    Cell Efficiency: 17.7 %
    Module Effiiciency: 14.9 %
    Cells per Module: 72 pcs
    Cell Type: Monocrystalline Silicon
    Cell Size: 125 x 125 mm
    Bypass Diodes: 10 Amp. 3 pcs
    Max. Series Fuse Rating: 10 A
    Temperature coefficient of Isc: 0.05 %
    Temperature coefficient of Voc: -0.34 %
    Temperature coefficient of power: -0.5 %
    NOCT-Nominal operating cell temperature: 47 +/- 2
    Operating Temperature: -40 - + 85

    Mechanical characteristics

    Dimension: 1580 x 808 x 48 mm
    Weight: 15.7 kg
    Type of Junction Box: TUV certificate. IP65
    Cable Type. Diameter: TUV certificate. 4mm2
    Connector: compatible to Type 4 (MC 4)
    Tempered Glass: 3.2mm, high transmission, low iron

    * STC Conditions: Radiation of 1000W/m2, AM1.5 spectrum, cell temperature of 25oC.

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    180W panels are available from
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    Grid-tied systems


    Stock - Over 100 panels immediately available.

    Delivery - Please call us for delivery instructions or pickup.

    Installation - We can install grid-tied and off-grid systems. Installation charges apply.

    Other models - We keep 180W/24V and 190W/24V solar panels in stock. They are the most popular models. We can supply other sizes to order.

    Demo system - You can inspect our demo grid-tied system in Auckland by prior arrangement.

    Guarantee - The industry standard 25 year warranty applies. Solapro are exclusive Komaes agents in New Zealand. We support full manufacturer's guarantee.

  • Enasolar
  • EnaSolar 2.0kW Grid Tied Solar Inverters

    Designed and manufactured in New Zealand the EnaSolar 2kW grid tied inverter is fully compliant with A/NZ standards.

    It features AC and DC disconnect switches which reduces installation costs and also includes wi-fi module for computer monitoring. We are an EnaSolar approved installer.


    Maximum Open Circuit Voltage (VOC): 600V DC
    MPP Operating Voltage Range (VMPP): 120-500V DC
    Maximum Input Current (IMPP): 12A
    Maximum Input Power (PMAX): 2200W
    Reverse Polarity Protection: Inherent crowbar diodes.
    Isolation From AC Mains: High frequency transformer.
    Earthing: Isolated, +ve, -ve earth selectable.

    Nominal Output Voltage: 230V AC
    Output Voltage Range: 202-259V AC
    Max Output Current: 10A
    Line Frequency: 50Hz
    Total Harmonic Distortion: <5% at full load, nominal output voltage.
    Efficiency: Maximum 96%, Euro efficiency maximum 94.5%
    Nominal Output Power: 2000W
    Maximum Output Power: 2100W
    Power Factor: >0.98

    Islanding Protection: AS4777.3
    Night-time Consumption: <600mW
    Inbuilt lightning surge protection.
    Integrated wiring box with removable inverter module.

    Operating Temperature Range: -20oC to +50oC (full power)
    Display: 4 line x 16 character. (no buttons)
    Data Interface: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 with web interface.
    Environmental Rating: IP55
    Mechanical: 335mm x 550mm x 145mm. (excluding antenna), 14kg

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    Grid-tied systems

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    Installation - We can install grid-tied systems. Installation charges apply.

    Guarantee - EnaSolar provides direct guarantee support in New Zealand.

  • Solar Connector
  • Solar PV MC-4 (MC4) Connectors


    Rated Current: 25A
    Withstanding Voltage: 1000V DC(TUV)
    Contact Resistance: 0.5mOhm
    Protection Class: Class II
    Temperature Range: -40 oC~+85oC
    Protection Degree: IP2X,unmated;IP65,mated
    Rated Connecting Capacity:
    2.5mm(AWG14), 4mm(AWG12), 6mm(AWG10)
    Insulation Material: PPO, black
    Contact Material: Copper, Tin plated
    Flame Class: UL94-VO or UL94-5VA

    Resistive to ultraviolet radiation on the outer cover.

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  • Marine Grade Solar Panels
  • GPT ICO-MSP-20 20W Marine Grade
    Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels

    The GPT ICO-MSP-20 20W poly-crystalline solar panels are suitable for marine and outdoor applications. They are light weight, heavy duty and can be installed on curved surfaces.


    Maximum Power (Pmax): 20W
    Voltage at Pmax (Vmp): 17V
    Current at Pmax (Imp): 1.24A
    Open-circuit Voltage (Voc): 21V
    Short-circuit Current (Isc): 1.38A
    Dimensions (W x H): 490 x 418mm
    Thickness (with Cable Box), mm: 0.5 (14)
    Weight: 2kg

  • $240.00 (Excl. GST)

    Stock - Immediately available.

    Delivery - Free delivery within New Zealand by post.