Globalmediapro is an online store that provides electronic equipment worldwide. Globalmediapro are experts in the online reselling business and we place incredibly high value on the advice this company provided Solapro in the early stages of our business.

In addition to professional video equipment Globalmediapro supplies a wide range of testing equipment and high capacity batteries that many of our customers utilize with the solar technology we provide. We highly recommend the Globalmediapro Eshop to our customers and are proud to declare Solarpro's partnership with the company.

The Globalmediapro company has been a part of the professional video and sound equipment world since its relatively humble beginnings back in 2000. The company started off as Globalmediapro (UK) Limited and continued on to then relocate and base itself in New Zealand, soon to become a decidedly respected supplier in its sphere. The company currently includes hundreds of thousands of customers in over 100 countries worldwide to its loyalty base, a figure that continues to expand daily.

Globalmediapro is able to maintain both low costs and an extensive product range through its effective application of the 'vending machine' business model. Following the selection, made simple through the existence of an effective search system, and payment for a desired product, the customer is able to track the progress of their purchase through Globalmediapro's tracking system from supplier to destination.

Solarpo is pleased to announce its close partnership with Globalmediapro as well as recommending all of our customers to witness for themselves both the quality and affordability of Globalmediapro products.

Globalmediapro warehouse in Auckland